Email Marketing Automation Strategy

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Email is most effective way for business to reach out to customers.Email marketing is 40% more effective than social media ,according to study done by McKinsey & Company.The same study also shows that the buying process happens 3 times faster than in social media. According to the Fourth Source website, 92% of internet users have at least one email account.Email Marketing Automation Strategy is a robotic-sounding term for strategy marketing.

Email Marketing Automation Strategy


What is Email Marketing Automation Strategy?

Email Marketing Automation Strategy is a process of sending a message to group of peoples.You can decide which type of email you want to send,at what time and whom.You can engage your customers and also you reach right subscriber at right time.

B2B and B2C all companies are using  marketing automation for higher engagement and revenue.Email Marketing Automation can save a lot of time and make the business’ marketing effort a lot more effective. Especially since most Email Marketing Software allow you to send personalized emails in an automated fashion.

What are advantages of Email Marketing Automation Strategy?

Reduces cost and time:-

After implementing your Email Marketing Automation Strategy,you can focus on other important tasks and increase productivity.

Lead generation:-

Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Identify your target audience.

Create opt-in form and give the best offer to peoples.

Build your email list.

Keep subscriber engaged.

Send different types of offers to people and increase your sales and productivity.

Turning leads into loyal customers and followers.

Email Marketing Automation Strategy-ebook

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Create personalized communication workflows:-

Many people think of marketing automation and personalization as mutually exclusive. But when done correctly, marketing automation allows you to be more personal.

Analyze your actions in real time:-

Email Marketing Automation is based on conversions, so being able to monitor and analyze your actions in real time, taking into account each segment of your database, becomes easier.

What emails should i automate?

I will cover most common type of automated emails that you can send to your users.Each every email you have to sent at specific time.If you want to save the time then this type of communication is very important.

Welcome Email:-

User has decided to subscribe your news letter and he wants know your latest offers. Your first communication should be very effective.You can onboard your customer using Welcome email.Automated emails have high opening rates.

1. The name of the person sending the message. Normally, your brand.

2. The subject line of the email. Emails that include the recipient’s name in their subject line have higher click through rates than emails that do not incorporate it according to HubSpot.

3. The body of the message of your email.

4. The call to action (CTA).

Confirmation Email:-

You can automating confirmation emails and give them assurance that everything has gone correctly.

Reminder Emails:-

Sending reminder email based on date is very effective way to engage your customers and also keep them buying your products and services over time.The notification or reminder emails seek to keep customers informed. Especially if it is about payment issues or shipment tracking.


If you dedicate time and work to organizing an event, you want the largest possible number of people to attend.If you run any eCommerce business or blog then email is most powerful channel for growing your audience.When you publish a new post on your blog or you want promote a product, make sure you send your subscribers an email alerting them of the new post or product and enticing them to click through and read it or purchase your product through your website.

Offer Customer Birthday Surprise:-

Birthday emails are most common type of automated emails you can send to your customer. Every effective campaign incorporates emails of congratulations.The recipient, on the other hand, will not only be grateful to receive this surprise, but will also be encouraged to make a purchase. Normally, automated emails for special dates like this incorporate certain promotions as a gift. Something that the user will feel as unique and personal. Just for him.


Email newsletters are used to informs your audience of latest news,tips or updates about the product,blog or company.Its is also effective way to increase your reach.You can send newsletter weekly,bi-weekly,quarterly and monthly.

Feedback Emails:-

Collecting feedback on products, services, and updates is another excellent marketing automation example.It is always interesting to offer some incentive for the user to offer their feedback.I recommend to adopt simple procedure for feedback ,It’s very important to data for the company.

What are Email Marketing Automation services?


GetResponse is a feature-rich online marketing solution, fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1 million+ subscribers). For over 10 years, it has provided easy-to-use, self-service applications and expert support for creating and managing email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders that convert contacts into customers. Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices and established relationships with major Internet and email service providers, GetResponse has maintained the highest possible deliverability standards for over a decade, ensuring that our customers’ messages deliver the highest possible return on their email marketing investment.

GetResponse features:

– 300+ industry templates – Looks matter! Choose from over 300 Industry HTML templates to create eye-popping campaigns for every audience and industry. Use the intuitive editor to customize your email communications with cool graphics, fonts and formatting, then brand with your company logo and colors.

– A/B Testing – To ensure you get the best results from your email campaign, test it first! Create up to 5 messages, with different personalization techniques, subjects, and styles. GetResponse will test each version for you, then automatically select and send the best! It takes only minutes and can save you cash − and lost customers!

– Email Analytics – Make sure every campaign is better than the last! Let GetResponse track every open, click, unsubscribe, and purchase. See the big picture with visual graphs, and get customized reports in your inbox daily.

– Guaranteed Deliverability – GetResponse applies over 10 years of expert human and automated system monitoring so your email marketing messages end up in prospect inboxes, not their junk folders. From the automated list hygiene, to the established ISP relationships and feedback loops, GetResponse ensures that your campaigns – and your brand – are always protected and compliant.

– Social media integration – Millions of potential customers are getting their product “buzz” from social networks − and you need to be there! GetResponse puts you in the middle of this non-stop conversation with point-and-click integration. Let Facebook and Twitter deliver instant links to your latest campaigns, coupons and blogs today!

– Online surveys – With GetResponse Surveys, research won’t cost you a dime extra! Ask as many questions as often as you want and get the data you need to improve products, target campaigns, and stay ahead of the competition! It’s a snap to use – just point and click to design, then publish and watch the results roll in.

– GetResponse mobile apps – Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns! GetResponse apps for iPhone and Android give you instant access to your dashboard and key stats, so you can react, anywhere, anytime. Add subscribers manually or import from your address book and you’ll never miss an opportunity to grow your list and your business!

– Coaching and support – GetResponse expert staff is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you maximize your email marketing – and your profits. Whether you’re a team of one or 20, we’ll work with you ever step of the way so you market smarter and faster − without adding staff. Get in touch via phone, email, or live chat. It’s friendly and it’s free!

– GetResponse Enterprise – GetResponse Enterprise is a fully standalone system, engineered to provide high-volume sending, superb reliability, and expert support at an affordable price. Your enterprise-level service is hosted on a separate, high-end server with two dedicated IPs and is capable of sending up to 1,000,000 messages in a 24-hour period. The system is managed automatically based on our advanced “send-and-delivery” GetResponse analytics, and monitored by a team of enterprise delivery experts.

Email Marketing Automation Strategy


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Email Marketing Automation Strategy

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